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Care Services

Whether you're a person living with ALS, a family member or friend of someone living with ALS, or a caring soul who wants to know more about the disease and what you can do to help, we're here to help. The ALS Association offers a full range of services to guide and assist you as you learn more about ALS.

These programs and services are available free of charge to people living with ALS and their families who are registered with The ALS Association. Register today and a Care Services Coordinator will be in touch to address your needs.

The ALS Association proudly serves people living with ALS throughout the state of Arkansas with compassionate support. Our services are provided free of charge, including all services below.


Local Care Services in Arkansas

Care coordination is assistance in navigating the various processes of obtaining in home care, a power wheelchair, referral to an ALS specialty clinic, transportation, an augmentative communication device and much more.

Support groups provide an opportunity for people living with ALS to gather, connect, and talk with one another. These groups meet every other month at various locations throughout the state.

The Equipment Loan Closet has items to help people living with ALS every step of the journey, shared with us to be shared with you. Before purchasing a piece of equipment, check with us and we may have the item available.

If you are interested in donating equipment to our Equipment Loan Closet, please review the Equipment Loan Program Donation Guidelines and fill out an In Kind Donation Form to be given to the local care services team. 

Operation Speak Easier is a team of tech savvy individuals who assist people living with ALS in troubleshooting and fixing problems that may arise with augmentative communication devices.  

Caregivers' Conferences are held in various locations around the state to provide skills training and support to caregivers of our people living with ALS.

Educational Outreach is offered to local healthcare providers, institutions, and community members to increase awareness and knowledge of ALS throughout Arkansas. 

Children and Family Support provides support and resources to children of those who have been affected by ALS.

Our Grant Program is available to those in need to assist with respite care or medical supplies/groceries.

Advocacy for legislation that improves people living with ALS' coverage for in home care, power wheelchairs, augmentative communication devices and a streamlined process and increased access to research, treatments, and medications.

Bereavement Support for those who have lost a loved one due to ALS.

Collaboration and partnership with ALS specialty clinics.


Care Services Coordinators

Cris Mammarelli

Manager, Care Services - Central Arkansas



Ruth Ellen Tubbs

Manager, Care Services - Northwest Arkansas